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Verandahs and porches are always attached to an elevation of a house and generally have solid roofs, made from either a natural material or glass. Whereas a porch is essentially an open vestibule, the verandah is an all year round outdoor room. A simpler version of a modern conservatory, the solid roof gives protection from sudden showers or provides shade on a hot summer's day.

The term 'garden room' can mean many different things and summarizes three very distinct product types designed and manufactured by Lloyd Christie Garden Architecture. Historically, a garden room was essentially a conservatory or greenhouse with very simple heating, a place to keep tropical plants in the winter. Today, the term covers anything from a glazed extension, modern conservatory and home office to a traditional cold conservatory for keeping tropical plants.

Most commonly it is used in the context of home offices. These are usually free standing rooms built in the garden, either as a focal point or tucked away. The build quality of a garden room is high, with good insulation, heating, electricity and sometimes bathroom facilities. At times such structures are also used as guest rooms or playrooms.

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